An Open Letter to President Obama

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Dear President Obama:

You gave two speeches following the terrorist attacks in Paris, which took place on November the 15th. One was in Turkey at the G20 Summit and the other was in the Philippines. In Turkey, you seemed irritated that you had to address the issue of terrorism. You claimed that your present strategy is the only one that will work even when events prove that this is not true.

In the morning of the Paris attacks, you claimed that ISIS was contained. Even members of your own party disagree. In both speeches, you became very adamant in your support to bring Syrian refugees in to the United States even when ISIS claims they will infiltrate them with terrorists. The majority of the American people oppose letting the refugees into the country.  Why should this matter to you? You are used to governing against the will of the people as we all remember Obama Care. The head of the FBI says that it would be difficult, if not impossible, to adequately vet the refugees. No matter to you as you claim it is the compassionate thing to do. You say that preventing refugees from entering America is not who we are. And, just who are we when it comes to compassion? Or, more correctly, who are you in regards to compassion?

You have no compassion when it comes to the unborn. Nearly one million unborn babies are terminated each year. A few weeks ago 177 Democrats in the House voted against an Infant Protection Act that would guarantee medical care to babies who survive an abortion. Babies, who become American citizens when they drew their first breath, gained life through a botched abortion, yet they were not seen by 177 Democrats in the House of Representatives as worth saving. They were only following your lead, since you opposed similar state legislation when you were a senator in the Illinois legislature.

You were quick to show your compassion for Michael Brown’s family in Ferguson before the true facts were known which revealed him as a thief who put a police officer’s life in jeopardy. You never gave a phone call to Kate Steinle’s family in San Francisco after she was fatally shot by an illegal immigrant from Mexico who has a long criminal record.

There was no compassion extended to the four men who died in Benghazi when an order came to our military to stand down. No one even knows where you were when this crisis was going on. How compassionate was it for you and Hillary to tell the love ones of those who died that their deaths were caused by a YouTube video, when you knew all along that was a lie?

The scandals at the VA hospitals have resulted in the needless deaths of former servicemen. You have been slow to act and the problem of getting quality health care to our Vets continues. Is that compassion? In your speeches, you took ample time to chastise your political opponents at home. Given the passion you displayed while doing it makes one wonder if you regard them as a greater threat than ISIS.

I think it is obvious what guides you compassion. The Syrian refugees that have been allowed to come to America are 97% Islamic and only 3% Christians. You want no religious test for the refugees, but it appears you already have one in favor of Muslims.  And, why wouldn’t you prefer Muslims over Christians? Over 80% of Muslims voted Democrat in the last presidential election. Christians, due to your view on abortion and same sex marriage, tend to vote Republican in a vast majority. Compassion for Michael Brown’s family serves well to enhance the 90% Black voting bloc. Since Kate Stienle was killed by an illegal alien with a criminal record, there was no political gain in showing compassion since you seek to give amnesty to illegals so you can later turn them into Democrat voters.

The four dead in Benghazi was just a small sacrifice that had to be made so your reelection campaign could roll on with the narrative that you had won the war on terror with the death of Ben Ladin. In your eyes and in those of the 177 House Democrats, there is no need to extend compassion to babies who survive abortions when to do so might irk those who favor abortion and cost you voters. Why extend compassion to those who are served by the VA hospitals when you know that active military service people and Vets vote Republican in large majorities. It is rather obvious that your compassion is linked to political gain.

No matter how great the need, if it does not pay off in maintaining votes or getting more votes or providing future votes, it is not worthy of your compassion. You would have Syrian refugees come into our country knowing that ISIS plants will come among them. You would risk the lives of Americans for the sake of increasing a future voting bloc. You called the attacks in Paris a setback, which I am sure brought comfort to those who lost love ones. How many setbacks are you willing to risk in our cities with refugees who cannot be soundly vetted?

Your education and position may give you a right to speak on many topics, but given your partisan motivation, compassion is not one of them.




Steve Feazel

Steve Feazel, is an author, speaker and video producer. Three of his documentaries have won awards at film festivals and appeared on national television. He is the coauthor of a forthcoming book focusing on the cultural war with Dr. Carol M. Swain.

Steve Feazel

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