Taking the Right Road

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Steve Feazel
In 2016, we have two choices for president, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Some have been reluctant to commit their vote to Trump. To some degree I understand this. Mr. Trump would not be the first person I would call on to say grace at Thanksgiving dinner. He comes to us with some life moments that cause our eyebrows to be raised, but he also comes to us as the best choice in the 2016 election if we desire real change from a corrupt expanding government.

The following analogy explains why I, as an Evangelical, made my choice for Trump. You are driving down a box in canyon road with a raging flash flood rapidly bearing down on you from behind. Ahead, the road becomes a “Y” and you have to choose a direction. To the left is a road marked Cliff Road. You know all about this road. You have seen news reports where people have followed this road to their destruction as they have plummeted off the cliff. The Cliff Road is also known by the name, “Clinton Avenue.” To the right is another road marked High Ground Road. Not a lot is known about this road. There is a lot of speculation in regards to it. Those who advocate the road put forth some compelling advertisements heralding its benefit. Some call out, “Driver beware!”

I choose the High Ground Road that is known as “Trump Highway.” The choice was not difficult knowing that Clinton Avenue is a sure way to destruction. Trump Highway may not be a known quantity, but it is a chance for safety and hope for a better future. The choice of a chance for betterment always beats certain destruction. This is the choice in this presidential election.

Mr. Trump has chosen Governor Mike Pence for vice-president. Pence is an evangelical Christian who believes that babies conceived have a right to be born and that marriage should be between one man and one woman. For this, he is being called extreme by Democrats. These same Democrats believe that a male construction worker, if he feels female, can pop into the women’s restroom wherever he pleases. A school boy who has a day of girl identity can shower in the girls’ locker room. This is considered normal? Mr. Trump has provided a list of judges from which he would choose Supreme Court justices that conservatives have cheered.

The GOP platform is strongly identified with values supported by Evangelicals and proclaims conservative positions on the key issues. Little might be known about the High Ground Road or Trump Highway, but so far the drive is a smoother ride than expected and the scenery is not bad either. Trump has made a place in his campaign for the Evangelical voice. Democrats would like to silent that voice forever. When you vote this November, take the road to the right. Trump Highway is the way to avoid the flash flood of big government that seeks to engulf the liberty and values that made our nation great.

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