Heavens to Betsy!: The Left Finally Care About Religion

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Steve FeazelWill wonders ever cease? The Left cares about religion. A judge in Hawaii put down his pineapple juice long enough to rule that President Trump’s travel ban was unconstitutional. The ruling centered on Trump’s campaign rhetoric about how dangerous Muslims were to America, and thus his real motive must have been to keep Muslims out of the country because of his personal hatred for this religion. Never mind that 90% of Muslims from other countries not listed in the ban are free to travel here. And, forget that not 100% of all the people in the restricted nations are Muslims. Some are Christians and likely some are atheists.

Trump’s ban was based on residents of a few given nations regardless of their religious affiliation. Logic means nothing to the Left, and neither does the law when it hinders the advancement of their agenda. Right now, their agenda does not focus on a policy. It focuses on stopping Donald Trump whenever and wherever they can. It makes no difference that the law is clearly on the president’s side and that Obama successfully used the same law on predominately Muslim Iraq. All that matters is that a judge appointed to a lifetime position can render a ruling and never have to fear the scorn of the voters. All the judge has to do is make the decision that benefits his liberal position and then justify it with a salad mix of legalese that confuses the public while it gives the liberal media a resource to support their glee.

The First Amendment was cited as the reason these refugees could come to our country even though some of them might want to kill us. The “establishment clause” was used saying that to deny these Muslims entrance was to establish a religion that was not accepting of their presence. Since when do noncitizens get First Amendment rights by our Constitution? If they get First Amendment rights, why not Second Amendment rights too, so they can bring in their guns?

I think it is very ironic that the Left wants these Muslims in and cites the First Amendment as reason to do so when they won’t let Christians have their First Amendment rights related to the “practicing clause.” The government is not to limit one’s way or manner of how they practice their religion. When a Christian baker, or photographer, or florist refuses to serve a homosexual wedding, they are the worst bigots of the world and must be punished financially. They are discriminating. But they will serve the gay community at other events and occasions. Marriage is seen by Christians, according to their scriptures, as a holy ceremony. The same scriptures see homosexuality as a sin that does not fit the biblical standard of marriage between one man and one woman.

The Left wants to support Muslims who have questionable views on human rights, especially in regards to women, and who also execute gays in their nations, but the Left would give them First Amendment rights while denying Christians First Amendment rights who are citizens of our nation. Logic and law take a back seat to the liberal agenda, especially when thwarting President Donald Trump. For Liberals, it is yes to Muslims and no to Christians. Why? Could it be that most Muslims in America vote for Democrats and most Christians vote for Republicans? One wonders.

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