Award Winning Author

Dr. Swain is an award winner who has authored or edited 8 books, been cited by the U.S Supreme Court, and received numerous accolades for her work.

Adversity of Diversity audiobook available on all major platforms

The Adversity of Diversity:

How the Supreme Court’s Decision to Remove Race from College Admissions Criteria Will Doom Diversity Programs

When the US Supreme Court announced its landmark 6-3 decision to take race out of the equation for college and university admissions, it did more than just bring Affirmative Action in higher education to a screeching halt. It also fired a warning shot across the bow of businesses and governmental agencies across America: the days for workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEl) programs that violate the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment have an expiration date. In The Adversity of Diversity, award-winning political scientist Carol M. Swain and collaborator Mike Towle offer an insightful look at DEl’s inception and evolution into a billion-dollar industry. Swain and Towle explain why DEl’s days are numbered, and how we as a people can move beyond divisiveness toward the unity promised by our nation’s motto, E Pluribus Unum, “out of many, one.”

countercultural living book cover

Countercultural Living:

What Jesus Has to Say About Life, Marriage, Race, Gender, and Materialism

Consulting Jesus on how to find eternal life is common. But what relevance do Jesus’ teachings have for contemporary life? When it comes to core worldview topics such as human life, marriage, and race, should it be Christ or culture that decides our convictions? Can we really find intelligent answers to contemporary quandaries in the ancient teachings of Jesus? In Countercultural Living, Carol Swain confronts cultural consensus with the countercultural and surprisingly compelling teachings of Jesus. If you want to find clarity on tough questions and to build your convictions on Jesus’ teachings, you will value Swain’s insightful, practical, and, at times, autobiographical survey of these important topics from a biblical perspective.

black eye for america book cover

Black Eye for America:

How Critical Race Theory is Burning Down the House

In schools and workplaces across the US, Americans are being indoctrinated with a divisive, anti-American ideology: Critical Race Theory (CRT). Based in cultural Marxism, CRT bullies and demonizes whites while infantilizing and denying agency to blacks, creating a deep racial rift. As Abraham Lincoln famously observed, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” CRT aims to divide the American nation against itself and burn down the house.

In Black Eye for America, the authors expose the true nature of CRT and offer concrete solutions for taking back the country’s stolen institutions by:

  • Describing CRT in theory and practice, accounting for its origins and weaponization within American schools and workplaces
  • Explaining how this ideology threatens traditional American values and legal doctrines, including civil rights
  • Equipping everyday Americans with strategies to help them resist and defeat CRT’s pernicious influence.
1776 report book cover

The 1776 Report

The 1776 Report is the official report of The President’s Advisory 1776 Commission. Submitted to the President and released as a public document on January 18, 2021, the report explains the core principles of the American founding and how they have shaped American history, considers the leading challenges to these principles at home and abroad, and calls on all Americans to “restore our national unity by rekindling a brave and honest love for our country and by raising new generations of citizens who not only know the self-evident truths of our founding, but act worthy of them.” This edition features the original text with the addition of notes and commentary by Chair Larry P. Arnn, Vice Chair Carol Swain, and Executive Director Matthew Spalding.

be the people book cover


A Call to Reclaim America’s Faith & Promise

Drawing on her training in political science and law, Dr. Swain thoughtfully examines the religious significance of the founding of our nation and the deceptions that have infiltrated our daily lives and now threaten traditional families, unborn children, and members of various racial and ethnic groups―as well as national sovereignty itself–and provides action points for the people of this country to make the political system more responsive.

The book is divided into two sections:

  • Forsaking what we once knew
  • Re-embracing truth and justice in policy choices

Be the People is a courageous analysis of today’s most pressing issues, exposing the deceptions by the cultural elite and urging ‘We the People’ to restore America’s faith and values.”―Sean Hannity

“There are many good books but only a few really important ones. Dr. Carol Swain’s Be the People is one of the latter. Brave, informed, candid, and thoughtful, she brings her fine academic mind to bear on the most pressing needs facing our country.”―Tony Perkins

“A courageous, challenging, and controversial call to Americans of all colors to return to their Creator and to come to their Judeo-Christian senses.”―Dr. Peter A. Lillback

“In Be the People Professor Carol Swain thoughtfully examines the biblical roots and religious significance of today’s most pressing issues. Professor Swain shows how to make your voice heard and how to reclaim America’s faith and values.”―Lou Dobbs

An insightful analysis of the forces of deception rapidly reshaping America’s morals, social policies, and culture, with a call to specific action, written by a thoughtful and courageous Christian social scientist on the front lines of today’s issues.

Debating Immigration:

Second Edition (2018)

“Debating Immigration presents twenty original and updated essays, written by some of the world’s leading experts and pre-eminent scholars that explore the nuances of contemporary immigration in the United States and Europe. This volume is organized around the following themes: economics, demographics and race, law and policy, philosophy and religion, and European politics. Its topics include comprehensive immigration reform, the limits of executive power, illegal immigration, human smuggling, civil rights and employment discrimination, economic growth and unemployment, and social justice and religion. A timely second edition, Debating Immigration is an effort to bring together divergent voices to discuss various aspects of immigration often neglected or buried in discussions.


Advance praise: ‘Carol M. Swain has a knack for identifying important issues of social welfare policy before other analysts. From her background and research, she sees issues, trends, and perspectives in an important way. Hers is a voice that needs to be part of any conversation on immigration.’

James F. Blumstein – University Professor of Constitutional Law and Health Law and Policy, Vanderbilt Law School and Medical School

Advance praise:‘This collection of reasoned and informed articles is a welcome intervention in the politically toxic and shrill debate on immigration. It should contribute to a balancing of conflicting interests for the common good.’

Herman Daly – Emeritus Professor School of Public Policy, University of Maryland

Advance praise:‘Some Americans favor immigration, some oppose it, and most academics are all too united in defending it. Carol M. Swain and her contributors treat the divisions clearly and fairly. She achieved that in the first edition of Debating Immigration, and now she has done it again. This book is engrossing and disturbing, because the subject is. America’s future is on the anvil.’

Lawrence M. Mead – New York University

Advance praise:‘The timely publication of this second, updated, edition of Debating Immigration is a welcome event. In this volume, editor Carol M. Swain has gathered an impressively knowledgeable and ideologically diverse set of contributors, who comprehensively address the immigration issue in all of its moral, legal, economic and political complexity. As an added bonus, Professor Swain provides her own trenchant and, to this reader, persuasive critical assessment of how the interests of rank-and-file black Americans are ill-served by the positions taken on this issue by liberal elites.’

Glenn C. Loury – Merton P. Stoltz Professor of the Social Sciences, Brown University, Rhode Island

Advance praise:‘Thoughtful. Challenging. Wide-ranging. The updated edition of Debating Immigration offers new and dynamic perspectives on one of our nation’s most important issues. Readers from across the political spectrum will see their most cherished ideas effectively elucidated and constructively interrogated. Professor Swain has assembled a magnificent group of thinkers whose efforts combine deep philosophical debates with powerful calls to action. A critical and highly valuable contribution.’

Arthur Lupia – Hal R. Varian Collegiate Professor of Political Science, University of Michigan

study guide for abduction: how liberalism steals our children's hearts and minds

Study Guide for Abduction:

How Liberalism Steals Our Children’s Hearts and Minds

This is a resource guide for individuals and organizations who would like to use Abduction for book clubs, classes, and small group settings. Group leaders can select one or more questions or exercises from each chapter for weekly discussion or they can modify the questions to make them more suitable.


How Liberalism Steals Our Children’s Hearts And Minds

We are living in a post-Christian America, where morality has been supplanted by a cultural relativism that threatens the future of our children and grandchildren. Increasingly we appear to be on the losing side of a cultural war. The resulting moral erosion is growing in our schools, our colleges, our entertainment media, our news media, our halls of justice, and rapidly reshaping our culture by altering the values of our children.

“A national wake-up call sounding the alarm on how sinful forces are undermining timeless spiritual values that are so important to maintain to nurture the success of future generations, this unique book provides positive insight that, if applied, can push back against a culture that places too little value on morality.”

—Dr. Alveda King, Civil Rights Activist, Pro-Life Activist, Author, Christian Minister

“Everywhere we turn, from our schools to Hollywood to the media to the courts, children’s minds and souls are being usurped by the radical, secular left. Carol Swain and Steve Feazel tackle the immoral architects of the “new morality” in this trenchant and timely book—and show parents how to fight back.”

—Michelle Malkin, Author of Culture of Corruption and Who Built That

“Carol Swain and Steve Feazel have performed a great service by exposing the people and institutions behind some of the most important threats to the innocence and moral and spiritual health of children today. These authors remind us that those responsible for the education of our young people frequently betray our trust by preaching to them the false catechism of me-generation “if it feels good, do it” liberalism. We owe it to our children and grandchildren to inform ourselves and to fight back.”

—Robert P. George, McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence, Princeton University

Black Faces, Black Interests:

The Representation of African Americans in Congress

Winner of the Woodrow Wilson Foundation Award from the American Political Science Association; the D.B. Hardeman Prize for the best scholarly work on Congress from the Lyndon Baines Johnson Foundation; and co-winner of the V.O. Key Award from the Southern Political Science Association; Selected by Library Choice Journal as one of seven “Outstanding Academic Books of 1994”

Through analysis of both black and white members of Congress, Black Faces, Black Interests challenges the proposition that only African Americans can represent black interests effectively and argues for black and white representatives to form coalitions to better serve their constituents. Since its publication in 1993, this book has been cited three times by the U.S. Supreme Court and has spawned numerous studies of minority representation. This enlarged edition features a new chapter entitled “Black Congressional Representation since 1992.”

The New White Nationalism in America:

Its Challenge to Integration

Over the past ten years, a new white nationalist movement has gained strength in America, bringing with it the potential to disrupt already fragile race relations. Eschewing violence, this movement seeks to expand its influence mainly through argument and persuasion directed at its target audience of white Americans aggrieved over racial double standards, race-based affirmative action policies, high black-on-white crime rates, and liberal immigration policies. The movement has also been energized, Swain contends, by minority advocacy of multiculturalism. Due to its emphasis on group self-determination, multiculturalism has provided white nationalists with justification for advocating a parallel form of white solidarity. In addition, as Swain illustrates, technological advances such as the Internet have made it easier than ever before for white nationalists to reach a more mainstream audience. Swain’s study is intended as a wake-up call to all Americans who cherish the Civil Rights Era vision of an integrated America, a common humanity, and equality before God and the law.

Contemporary Voices of White Nationalism in America

This book presents ten alarmingly candid interviews by some of the most prominent members of what co-editors Carol M. Swain and Russ Nieli warn is a growing White Nationalist movement. The ten people interviewed in this volume make statements that are sure to shock, amuse, challenge, and provoke readers. Their remarks are of particular interest, Swain and Nieli believe, for understanding how the many race-conscious whites who lie outside the integrationist consensus on racial issues in America view developments that have taken place in the United States since the Civil Rights movement. If current trends continue, the authors predict, these ideas will become more common, especially as whites become a diminishing portion of the U.S. population. They argue that the claims of white nationalists need to be aired in open, public forums, where they can be vigorously challenged and subjected to refutation. Carol M. Swain is Professor of Political Science and Professor of Law at Vanderbilt University. She is the author of Black Faces, Black Interests (Harvard, 1993). She has published numerous articles including the op-eds in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and the Chronicle of Higher Education and lectures widely across the country, on issues ranging from congressional redistricting to the future of affirmative action programs. Swain was one of twelve children born into rural poverty, is a high school dropout, and a first generation college student who started her education at a community college and went on to receive a doctorate and law degree. She spent the first ten years of her career teaching at Princeton University, where she was a tenured professor of political science and public policy at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. A former Fulbright Scholar, Russ Nieli is currently a lecturer in politics at Princeton University. His areas of academic interest run the gammet from Wittgenstein to race relations, and he is currently working on a book on the decline of the inner-city African American communities in the decades following the Civil Rights Revolution of the 1960’s.


  • Be the People is a courageous analysis of today’s most pressing issues, exposing the deceptions by the cultural elite and urging ‘We the People’ to restore America’s faith and values.

    Sean Hannity New York Times Best-Selling Author, Syndicated Radio Host, The Sean Hannity Show, Fox News Channel Host, Hannity
  • Dr. Swain’s Be the People is an excellent piece of work—a thorough and honest examination of how politics and America’s history intertwine in the real world. Dr. Swain explores many public policy topics. I strongly recommend her chapter on immigration policy and politics; she provides a thoughtful examination of a complex topic that often generates strong feelings.

    Representative Lamar Smith Chair, Committee on The Judiciary, U.S. House of Representatives
  • In Be the People Professor Carol Swain thoughtfully examines the biblical roots and religious significance of today’s most pressing issues. Professor Swain shows how to make your voice heard and how to reclaim America’s faith and values.

    Lou Dobbs Host, Lou Dobbs Tonight; nationally-syndicated radio host, Lou Dobbs Show & Lou Dobbs Financial Reports
  • There are many good books but only a few really important ones. Dr. Carol Swain’s Be the People is one of the latter. Brave, informed, candid, and thoughtful, she brings her fine academic mind to bear on the most pressing needs facing our country. She calls on ‘We the People’ to be the people our nation’s founders envisioned, a people united around a common set of moral convictions who have the courage to live them out. Dr. Swain proves that Christian faith and deep patriotism are alive and well and offers a recipe of hope for America’s future.

    Tony Perkins President, Family Research Council
  • Carol Swain is that rarest of rare things: a distinguished university professor and prominent public intellectual who is willing to stand up and speak out for God and country. Far from considering herself to be superior to her fellow citizens for whom religious faith, old-fashioned virtues, and a spirit of patriotism are cherished values, she encourages—and, indeed, challenges—the people of the United States to be more intensely devoted to what Lincoln referred to at Gettysburg as ‘this nation, under God.’ Be the People is a ringing affirmation of the central principles of the American republic and the traditions of faith and thought that brought it into being. Professor Swain does not turn a blind eye to America’s failings, be they the enslavement of her fellow African-Americans earlier in our history or the abandonment of the unborn to abortion, but she reminds us that the key to reform is—as it always has been—renewed fidelity to the principles of liberty and justice on which this great and good nation was founded.

    Robert P. George McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence, Princeton University
  • In Be the People Dr. Swain offers a vigorous defense of the founding values so many of us hold dear. She exposes the insidious misperceptions, even lies that elites in this country have perpetuated to justify the growth of government and the dilution of our core values. Professor Swain’s inspirational book is important for Americans who hope and pray for a better nation.

    Representative Marsha Blackburn Vice-Chair, Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing and Trade, US House of Representatives
  • Carol Swain is simply a truth teller. She makes no apologies for her conservative, pro American stances. Be the People will illuminate you to the real truth about the social, fiscal, and godless nosedive our country is experiencing right now. This book will challenge you to stand up and do something about it. God bless Dr. Swain!

    John Rich Country Music Singer, Songwriter and Producer
  • A courageous, challenging, and controversial call to Americans of all colors to return to their Creator and to come to their Judeo-Christian senses.

    Dr. Peter A. Lillback The Providence Forum, Author, George Washington’s Sacred Fire
  • I applaud Carol’s labor. Everyone should read this work, immediately commit to the action points at the end of each chapter, and recommend this book to someone else. Be a nation-changer! Together, we can reclaim both America’s faith and the vision our forefathers carried as they established this great nation.

    Bishop Harry R. Jackson, Jr. Senior Pastor, Hope Christian Church, President and Founder, High Impact Leadership Coalition
  • In Be the People Carol Swain unflinchingly takes on the cultural elites that disdain America’s religious and political traditions. I don’t always agree with her, but I am grateful for her voice in the debate.

    James Taranto Wall Street Journal editor, and author Best of the Web Today
  • If you desire to be further empowered in taking a meaningful and right stand concerning issues that will shape our future freedoms and the release of God’s blessings, if you want a solid resource to aid and enlighten your political position while supporting your beliefs, read Be the People. “Ignorance is not bliss: clearly we must stand united for America with a clear and informed voice at such a time as this.

    Jennifer O’Neill Actress, Author, Speaker
  • This dynamic and insightful book is a must read for every American as Dr. Swain pulls back the veil and powerfully reveals the truth about those who are actively engaged in the attempt to destroy our nation from within.

    Dr. Richard Lee Editor, The American Patriot’s Bible; Speaker, There’s Hope America
  • Carol Swain has written one of the best apologetics for the conservative Christian worldview that I’ve ever come across. Everyone concerned about the direction this country seems to be going in of late should read this excellent call to action.

    John Rosemond Family Psychologist, Author, The Diseasing of America’s Children
  • Be the People is a courageous, carefully researched, comprehensive, insightful, and timely gift to the American people. Dr. Carol Swain . . . writes with the sober conviction of one who well understands the risks of speaking up but who has also measured them as carrying far less weight than the risk of silence or compromise. God bless her.

    Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson Founder and President, BOND (Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny), National Radio Talk Show Host
  • In Be the People, Dr. Carol Swain thoughtfully examines the religious significance of today’s most pressing issues and shows how We the People can make our voices heard to reclaim America’s faith and values.

    Suellen Roberts Founder & President, Christian Women in Media
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