The Republic, Can We Keep It?

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Steve FeazelOn July 4th, we celebrated the birthday of our nation. The next day, the FBI Director voiced his decision not to recommend prosecution of Hillary Clinton after reciting a list of wrongful actions she committed regarding her care of emails. His words clearly revealed that she lied on numerous occasions to us, the American people, and put our national secrets in jeopardy. Such a scathing review would doom the political campaign of most candidates, but sadly this is not the case when it comes to Hillary Clinton, who now will be the Democrat nominee for president.

Many people have said this is a very important election in regards for the future of America. It is more than that. I fear that it is an election that will determine if the representative republic known as the United States will continue to exist. A woman asked Benjamin Franklin what kind of government was given the public, to which he replied, “a republic, if you can keep it.” If Hillary wins the presidency, the republic as we know it may be gone. We have never had a candidate so mired in scandal, ineptitude and corruption as Hillary Clinton, yet she leads comfortably in many polls.

If Hillary wins, it means that Republicans will likely not ever win the White House again for decades. Her win will mean that Democrat candidates for president will be insulated from the adversities of corruption. Corruption used to be the thing that any candidate feared in either party because it meant political disaster. Not anymore. While Conservatives spent their time honing their message of small government and free market capitalism, the liberal Democrats were busy remolding the electorate and election laws to their advantage. Liberals roll out tons of low information and ignorant voters every year from public schools and colleges. Some of them cannot even name the three branches of government, but they know how to mark a ballot for someone with a “D” behind his or her name.

Add these dupes to the millions who suck off the welfare entitlements who see the Dems as their Santa Claus party and the vast numbers who have their jobs running the bureaucracy of inefficient big government and you have a sizable number of voters. These voters may be ill-informed and self-centered with little regard for what’s best for the nation, but they can provide the margin for victory. The Democrats have been successful in changing voting laws to their favor. Instead of having an election day to get the vote out, they now have election weeks and they have made voter fraud an art form. How else can you explain that some democrat leaning precincts had 110% people voting in 2012?1 The Democrats have picked their states well for desired Electoral College results. In the last six presidential elections, they had 18 states that have granted them all but 28 votes needed for victory.2 Conservatives care about principles, but Liberals care about power and know how to turn power into personal wealth.

Given the new electorate makeup coupled with a biased media, every democrat presidential candidate is most likely the favorite. The Democrats will continue to reshape the electorate until one day every election will be a certain victory. One day a democrat incumbent president may even run unopposed. If Hillary wins and amnesty redefines immigration, a new supply of voters for Democrats will be ready to come on line. They will also enlist more voters as they proclaim positions on social issues they advocate. The gay agenda, abortion, legalized gambling and legalized drug use are all championed by Dems. Liberals will choose vice over virtue for votes every time they have the chance.

Hillary’s election will mean that Democrats will be corruption proof and that will spell the end of the representative republic and make us appear more like a banana republic where we will see our liberties peeled away. If Hillary wins, we might as well pull down the stars and stripes and replace it with a white flag with the blue silhouette of the Democrat Jackass logo on it. We might as well pitch the Declaration of Independence because Liberals don’t see our rights coming from our Creator but from government decisions. The Constitution would also have to go because there would be no more “We the People” instead it will be “We the Democrat Party of Liberal America establish our tyranny to benefit us, the ruling class.” This short new preamble would not likely be followed by any checks and balances. July 5, 2016 was a sad day for America because on that day Lady Justice lost her blindfold and her eyes got a liberal focus while her scales weighed heavy on the left side.

The truth matters. Let’s hope and pray that those voting in 2016 for president will reflect on this so that we might keep our republic and not reward corruption.


teve Feazel, is an author, speaker and video producer. Three of his documentaries have won awards at film festivals and appeared on national television. He is the co-author of a forthcoming book tentatively titled, Abduction: How Liberalism Steals Our Children’s Hearts and Minds written with Dr. Carol Swain.

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