If I Wanted to Create a Race War. . .

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If I wanted to create a race war that would lead to the extermination of large numbers of African Americans, I would urge black Americans to attack and kill white Americans, and I would brainwash them to believe that no whites could be trusted, and that all law enforcement officers were evil. I would create zero-sum trade offs and racial double standards. I would label anyone who protested or disagreed a racist.

I have given a lot of thought to these issues. In 2002, Cambridge University Press published The New White Nationalism in America: It’s Challenge to Integration, a book I argued that America was headed for unprecedented levels of racial and ethnic turmoil because of a set of factors that were converging to create a devil’s brew for racial and ethnic unrest. The conditions I identified included:

“(1) the growing presence of non-white immigrants, both legal and illegal, resulting in the prospect that white, European Americans may soon become — or in some places had already become – a racial minority;

(2) the structural changes in the global economy which have led to a decline in high wage production jobs for unskilled workers, who competed with legal and illegal immigrants for a dwindling share of low paying employment opportunities;

(3) continued white resentment and hostility over the perceived unfairness and questionable constitutionality of race-based affirmative action policies;

(4) the continued existence of high black-on-white violent crime rates;

(5) the growing acceptance of multiculturalism with its emphasis on promoting racial and ethnic group pride and identity politics; and,

(6) the exponential growth in the number of households connected to the Internet, which provided a means for like-minded people to consolidate their strength, share ideas, and mobilize their resources for political action.

Here’s the publisher’s description of the book:

Over the past decade, a new white nationalist movement has gained strength in America, bringing with it the potential to disrupt already fragile race relations. Eschewing violence, this movement seeks to expand its influence mainly through argument and persuasion targeted at white Americans aggrieved over racial double standards, race-based affirmative action policies, high black-on-white crime rates, and liberal immigration policies. The movement has also been energized by minority advocacy of multiculturalism. Due to its emphasis on group self-determination, multiculturalism has provided white nationalists with justification for advocating a parallel form of white solidarity. In addition, technological advances such as the Internet have made it easier than ever before for white nationalists to reach a more mainstream audience. This study is intended as a wake-up call to all Americans who cherish the Civil Rights Era vision of an integrated America, a common humanity, and equality before God and the law.”

The book deserves a fresh look. The New White Nationalism can be ordered from Amazon, Cambridge University Press or from my website at a discounted price. Please contact me at carolmswain@gmail.com for more information.

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