Jewish White Nationalist Advocates Partitioning U.S. into Ethnic States

 In Be The People TV, Featured, Freedom of Association

“Michael H. Hart is by training an astrophysicist (he received his Ph.D. from Princeton in 1972), but in recent years he has turned his interests to issues relating to race and nationality.” Contemporary Voices of White Nationalism , page 185.

Hart’s four-part partition of the United States envisions a Black State, a White State, an Hispanic State, and an Integrated/Mixed-Race State. Such a partition, Hart contends, would allow a choice suitable for everyone. While white separatism is often associated with anti-Semitism, Hart, who is a Jew, says Jews would have little to fear in a white separatist state since by and large white Americans have treated Jews fairly and would continue to do so in an ethnically based state in which whites are the majority. Anti-Semitism, he believes, is a more serious problem among blacks than among whites, so Jews are better off throwing in their lot with a white state than a black state or mixed race state. Hart’s remarks are of particular value as an illustration of the appeal that white nationalism and white separatism can have even among former liberals who once supported integration but who have become disillusioned over recent racial developments in America.”

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