Understanding the New White Nationalism in America, A.K.A., Alt Right Movement

 In Be The People TV, Featured

. . .[T]he new white nationalist movement is very different from the Klan and Nazi movements of an earlier era – or their contemporary offshoot in the more loosely organized skinhead movement that has received so much sensationalized publicity in recent years on the TV trash-show circuit — insofar as it is preeminently a movement of discourse, persuasion, and ideas.

Rejecting the kind of violence and intimidation once advocated by the older racist right, the new white nationalism seeks to expand its influence mainly through argument and rational discourse aimed at its target audience of white Americans who have become embittered or aggrieved over what they perceive to be a host of racial double standards in the areas of affirmative action policy and crime reporting, as well as over the continuance of large scale immigration from Third World countries. Unlike the Klan and Nazi movements, white nationalism is aggressively seeking a mainstream audience, and in going mainstream it has found it necessary to abandon most of the tactics, postures, and regalia of the older racist right, which no longer resonate in contemporary America.”

The New White Nationalism: Its Challenge to Integration, p. 5.

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