Whites and Blacks are Concerned about Worsening Race Relations

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black lives matterI am quoted in this Christian Science Monitor article. Staff writer: Josh Kenworthy, “Why concern about race relations has jumped – for whites and blacks,” April 14, 2016. I warned about worsening race relations more than a decade ago. Click here for a YouTube Video.

For African Americans the high-profile incidents increase the perception that the police are at war with young black men,” says Carol Swain, a Vanderbilt University professor of law and political science who has written extensively on American race relations. . . Wider economic and social conditions are also a factor in the changes, Swain says. She notes the black community faces persistent economic challenges, despite the hopes they had pinned on the Obama administration. (Black unemployment has improved under Obama, but remains twice as high as for whites. And black households on average have taken a big hit to net worth and not recovered since the recession, for example.) . . .Swain says some whites perceive affirmative-action type policies as well as liberal immigration policies as contributors to their worsening condition

In her 2002 book, [The New White Nationalism in America: It’s Challenge to Integration] Swain suggested that an increase in racial consciousness and a sense of disenfranchisement among white Americans would be “the next logical stage for identity politics in America.” The claim is that “a part of the future discord will come from the rising expectations and demands of racial and ethnic minorities, which are sure to increase as minorities become a larger portion of the American population.”

New White Nationalism

Dr. Carol Swain
Dr. Carol M. Swain, Professor of Political Science and Professor of Law, Vanderbilt University, is the co-author of Who’s Stealing our Kids?: Revealing the Hidden Agenda to Secularize our Children. (June 7, 2016). Steve Feazel is her co-author.

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