Governor Haslam was Correct to Veto the Bible Bill

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I support Governor Haslam’s decision to veto the proposed bill to make the Christian Bible the state book of Tennessee. Signing the bill into law would have created a violation of the Establishment Clause and would have resulted in legal challenges. Supporters of the legislation would be forced to argue that the sacred text is just another historical book, on par with the Quran and the Bhagavad Gita.

For Bible-believing Christians, the Bible contains the infallible words of the living God. Passing symbolic state legislation to force the Holy Christian Bible upon non-believers and adherents of other religions would have trivialized the sacred book, creating unnecessary friction at a time when critical issues are affecting Christians in this state and nation. Far better for us to expend our limited political capital on more pressing issues affecting the safety, health, and liberty of all Tennesseans.

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