Mayor Megan Barry: “[T]his is not my worst day”: But what about Mrs. Forrest? Was it a worst day and tragedy for her?

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Answering questions about her affair with a subordinate, Sgt. Robert Forrest, Mayor Barry said: “And I’m going to have several more bad days, but this is not my worst day, and I will tell you that I know the difference between a mistake–and I made a serious mistake–but this is not a tragedy, this was a mistake.”

Mrs. Forrest might have a totally different perspective on who had a worst day and whether a tragedy occurred.

There is a right thing to do! Mayor Barry could demonstrate moral leadership by resigning from office and publicly acknowledging the pain caused the Forrest family. While the mayor’s marriage might well survive the betrayal, it is not clear this is true of Robert Forrest’s marriage.

Sources: “Nashville Mayor Megan Barry admits to extramarital relationship with top police security officer.”
Confessing Affair, Nashville Mayor Megan Barry Writes New Female Sex Scandal Playbook”

“Megan Barry Denies Additional Affairs.”

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