Stop Assisted Suicide in Tennessee: Call 615-862-5700 To OPPOSE Physician-Assisted Suicide in TN

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assisted suicide

I am passing along this information for Lucy Karen Clay, founder of The Simplicity Project, and others who value the sanctity of human life.

“John J. Hooker has sued the State of Tennessee claiming that it is every person’s civil right to choose if they wish for a physician to assist certain patients in their attempt to kill themselves. In other words, it would authorize “assisted suicide” in Tennessee going under the euphemistic name of “death with dignity.”

While a person has the liberty under the law to take his or her own life, the state should not sanction a third party to participate in that act.

This is a LIFE or DEATH issue and cannot wait.
Chancellor McCoy is briefing the case NOW and plans to make a decision for our state SOON.

John J. Hooker is attempting to accomplish by judicial fiat what could not get done in the legislative body, who are answerable to the people. That tactic has been used successfully before—when the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) and Planned Parenthood worked through the courts to remove state restrictions around legalized abortion, passed democratically by the state legislature.

On the life issue, it took 14 years and amending the state constitution to correct this.”

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