Is the “Koran Guilty of the Paris Massacres”

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Daniel Greenfield of Frontpage Mag shares a fascinating take on the Paris Massacres written by a Muslim who surprises everyone with his usual take on the historical event.   Koran

Here’s an excerpt:

It doesn’t matter which Islamic text, whether it is a Qur’anic or jurisprudential text, or a text recounting the sayings of the Prophet Mohammad; the killers do not kill for nothing, they kill in the name of books, fatwas, ayahs and age-old tradition. All of these things are inseparable parts of true Islam. They will remain Muslims as long as they pronounce the shahada and as long as the religious institution doesn’t dare to modernize the criteria for being a Muslim.

According to Greenfield, after “every terrorist attack, Western liberals who have never read the Koran, but have read the polls, instantly rise to claim that Atrocity X has nothing to do with Islam and that the perpetrators aren’t even real Muslims. This freelance theology is as absurd as it is false. In this intriguing article, a Muslim author contends that the truth is exactly the opposite.” Click here to read Greenfield’s entire article.

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