The Death March of Europe

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Well they were all there; European heads of state slowly making their way along one of the great capitals of Europe, oblivious to the growing danger all around them. No this isn’t Paris of 2015; it’s London of 1910 and the funeral of King Edward VII. All the great crowned heads of Europe were there, most cousins through the long line of Queen Victoria, all marching together behind the casket of the British king. All they’re together in their finest uniforms as they display the power of state and yet all oblivious to the gathering storm all around them, which they had set in motion. The faint drumbeat of war already audible to any with ears to hear yet these men were oblivious until it was far too late in that fateful coming summer of 1914.

Once again the heads of state gather in a great capital of Europe somberly marching with arms linked yet all the while they too are oblivious of the storm they have helped let loose. The storm of emboldened radical Islam. Was this procession of the European elites actually the death march of Europe itself as a once great continent sinks ever further into the chaos and barbarity associated with an emboldened radical Islam. An Islam that has nothing to fear from European authorities who dole out concessions in such quantity as to make Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain look hawkish by comparison.

With no go zone in cities all over Europe ruled by Sharia and hate speech laws that fine and or jail any who dare speak or write about the threat of Islam to European society it is no wonder Islam is emboldened in Europe and feels safe walking into a publication like Charlie Hebdo that dares speak its mind even in a satirical manner and coldly murder everyone there. But the elites of the European ruling class only blame the victim and the storm grows as the rulers march oblivious to what they have helped to create. Oblivious that they are taking part in what can only be described as “The Death March of Europe”. All we on the outside can do is to hopefully learn from their mistakes and to hold our breath hoping that this time, perhaps, the summer of 1914 will pass with the guns of August remaining silent though it does not look promising.


David Mark Rose has been a long time observer of the political scene here in the U.S. and internationally having lived in numerous locations in the United States and Canada. Now he comments on it with just a tinge of occasional sarcasm, usually deserved.

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