The Party of Death

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Democrats The Democrat Party has been given accolades for being the party that cares, especially by the liberal leaning media. As I take a closer discerning look at this party I believe it could rightfully be called the “Party of Death.” I know it sounds like a harsh accusation and one that would be met with fervent denial from this American bastion of liberal political thought. However, there is evidence to justify this indecorous label.

The first place to start is the death of 3,000 unborn babies per day as the Democrats champion abortion as a woman’s health issue.1 Scriptures in the Bible clearly give personhood to the unborn, but the Democrats clever use of semantics and the courts ushered in a national law that renders an unborn child little more than garbage to be disposed of unless there can be a profit made in selling its parts.

American taxpayers are force to support Planned Parenthood, the nation’s number one abortion executer. Planned Parenthood makes sure that funds are pumped into democrat campaigns. If 3,000 unborn babies have to die daily so Democrats can gain campaign funds and votes, it’s a tradeoff welcomed by democrat politicians.

Closely associated with the abortion of the unborn are the deaths of those who survive a botched abortion. During some late term abortions, the baby comes fully out of the womb an experiences birth. It can draw breath and is thus alive, becoming an immediate citizen of the United States, but Democrats do not see this child as worthy of protection. Since it was to die in an abortion, why should it have a right to live? This was the belief of President Obama when he was a state senator in Illinois2. On September 18, 2015, the Democrats in the House voted not to protect children who survived an abortion.3

The Democrats love the open border and see the illegals that stream in as future voters. They use the border guards as a welcoming committee more than for national security. Drugs freely flow across the border and wreak death and havoc in our cities. Criminals make their way in to do their evil deeds some of which means the murder of Americans like the Steinle family in San Francisco whose daughter was killed.4 That tragedy rendered no response from Obama. Some may have to die, but it’s just a price to be paid to secure that Latino vote.

The border is also an easy passage for terrorists who are committed to death and destruction. In fact, the president wants to bring in Islamic refugees that his own advisors say cannot be properly vetted to eliminate terrorists from their ranks. This should not come as a surprise since red flags are often ignored on Islamic terrorists such as those who bombed the Boston Marathon.5 The polices are in place for the Democrats not to lose that Muslin vote.
There has been a major crisis in the VA Hospital system as it was revealed that many veterans wait so long to get treatment that some have died. Much has been promised for change and much talk has taken place but little action has resulted.6 Could it be that to change this is not a high priority because it is a fact that more veterans vote Republican than they do Democrat? Thinning the ranks of an opposing voting bloc can be a political advantage.

Then there is the matter of Benghazi where four men lost their lives, including the United States ambassador to Libya. As I watched the movie of those events in a theater a fact became clear. As the brave men on the roof of the CIA annex were holding off the bad guys, they brace themselves for what they thought would be the final assault from the enemy. They believed that they would likely perish in this next attack. They were relieved to find that those who now surrounded them were friendly and not hostile. Had they been hostile terrorists the annex would have been overrun and all inside likely killed. The death toll could have gone up from four to around 30.7 Losing four or 30 people in a skirmish in Libya that had to be lied about was done to preserve the desired narrative to bolster the reelection hopes of President Obama. This type of work is just another day at the office for Hillary Clinton and her Democrat Party.

How many deaths have taken place in the gang activity in our inner cities that have endured a subculture of poverty, crime and violence largely created by the Democrat failed policy of War on Poverty? Poverty has not been decreased, but the Democrat voting bloc of the poor has, and after all, that is what is most important to liberals. How many have died because Obamacare interrupted their medical treatment? And, don’t forget those death panels in Obamacare. How many deaths have resulted from the Mid-East vacuum created by Obama’s early military withdraw that led to the emergence of ISIS?

The Democrats are the “party of death.” They could trade in the donkey for the grim reaper as their symbol. They accuse the Republicans for a war on women when it is they, the Democrats, that are generating the true casualties measured in real body counts. Democrats are more concerned about losing votes than they are about losing American lives.

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Steve Feazel
Steve Feazel

Steve Feazel, is an author, speaker and video producer. Three of his documentaries have won awards at film festivals and appeared on national television. He is the coauthor of Who’s Stealing Our Kids: Revealing the Hidden Agenda to Secularize our Children.

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