Professor Carol Swain Explains “The New White Nationalism in America” (Part 1)

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  • The Kman71

    I love SMART people!! Thank you Dr. Swain

  • road tested

    I agree Dr. Swain but the race aspect is just a piece of the supernatural war on traditional America and western civilization.

  • Ray Dove

    The national identity is white privilege. All groups are being marginalized. Why should the focus be on white grievances? White privilege is when we elevate the suffering of whites over the suffering others.
    The problem begins when disposed whites start blaming other groups for their demise. Elite whites (those in power) have left their poorer brethren to fend for themselves. Poor blacks have never had an advocate in power to espouse their ambitions, political or otherwise. Poor whites conflate their loss of power and influence to a loss of cultural identity. The reality is they are being economically dispossessed. The trend is we are all becoming economically irrelevant by the real powers that be.

    • Jehu

      A bucket of swill this was. The party of white privilege is the dimocrat party, they use the label of racism to violently incite and divide. They and I assume you, Ray are a democrat, are the party which owned the most slaves, controlled the South right up through 1970’s and was the party of Lyndon B. Johnson who bragged he would have the n*******s (his words not mine) voting Democrat for 200yrs. Well he has achieved 50yrs of that so far and seems to be even stronger in allegiance to the Democrats. Dr Swain lays out the steps of egregious racism perpetrated by the democrats over the last 180 yrs starting with Andrew Jackson, democrat, right up to present with the targeting of the Black community through Planned Parenthood. Do some honest non biased research and think for yourself. To end all those elites who stand at the head of the dimocrats, sipping their wine with their little pinky in the air, scooping their caviar through the sweat of the masses, they pull the strings which make their puppets girate. The dimocratic party in spite of calling the Republican party the party of the rich as always are lying through their teeth. They are loaded with billionaire donors and manipulators. Again do some research for yourself.

      • zeppyled

        And you believe the Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson and Paul Singer are friends of poor of regular whites? You might take your own advise and do “a little” research yourself….

      • Ray Dove

        If you carefully read my critique of the professor, party affiliation was not implcated simply because it is not an issue. Both parties are beholden to the same financial interest that effectively run the country. I do not want the country to ignore the pain that whites are going through. I believe it is real. My question is, instead of blaming other suffering people for your ills, maybe we should address the policies that cause the ills.

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