Restore the Rule of Law: Indict Hillary and the Other Crooks

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Restore the Rule of Law: Indict Hillary and the Other Crooks

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  • Ivan L. Flynn

    Trouble is by restoring the rule of law, there would be a lot more to indict POTUS on than there would be on Hilary. Sure, most rational people believe Mrs. Clinton was careless and, not very forthcoming with her servers; you may call her a liar if it make you happy but, she is not a thief, she spent most of her adult life fighting for disenfranchised women and children. I believe, most American will remember her as a champion for women and girls.

    • LR Taliana

      Your seriously in denial. Liberals think they are exempt from the Constitution and the rule of law. Hillary’s career is surrounded by scandals and lies. She’s never fought for anyone but herself. She abandoned those in Haiti by STEALING donations allocated in rebuilding that country after devastation. Name one specific accomplishment of Hillary Clintons in which she’s helped a group of disenfranchised women and children? You keep on living in LaLa Land. Our President is closer to Sainthood than being charged for a crime.

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