How Donald Trump can be America’s change agent (Re-blog of Swain’s CNN Article)

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Donald trumps inauguration


As president, Donald Trump has an opportunity to reset the course of our nation to make it better and stronger. He can do this by rewriting the rules of interactions between individuals, political groups, lobbyists and bureaucrats. I am hopeful that as President, Donald Trump will be the agent of change that so many of his supporters believed he could be when they voted for him.

Critical to his success will be continued outreach to groups and individuals who appreciate the uniqueness of America and the positive impact it has had on the world. As Americans, we have always striven to correct the injustices of the past. When we make mistakes, and we have made plenty, we try to make amends.
Making America great again, as Trump has pledged to do, does not imply a return to the days of segregation and barefoot, pregnant women. To me, making American great again offers the hope of a society where it is possible for a high-school dropout and teen mom like me to attain the American dream. It is about creating a society where we can rise above the circumstances of our birth.” Click Here to Read More!

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