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Steve FeazelThe conventions are over and the 2016 presidential campaign is under way. A lot is being said about radical Islamic terrorism. This is the phrase Obama has difficulty uttering and a topic that was ignored the first night of the Democrat Convention. I have heard, much to my frustration, people on both sides of the political spectrum try to explain this reluctance of the Democrats to use the terminology or address the topic.

The reason the Dems take the approach they do to Islamic terrorism is very simple to analyze. They do what they do because of what their primary focus is. They want one thing – power. Everything they do is related to getting and maintaining power. Power is important because Democrats know how to use positions of power to achieve great wealth. The way to get power is to win elections, and the way to win elections is to get votes. With Democrats, it is all about the votes. When they are in power, their attention is not on what policies are best for the nation, but what policies are best for placating and expanding their voting blocs.

There are millions of Muslim American citizens who can vote. The Democrats believe if they take a less aggressive approach to radical Islamic terror it will play well with the American Muslim voter. Democrats welcome Muslim refugees even if some are ISIS infiltrators. Losing a 100 or so Americans in homeland terrorist attacks is a small price to pay for thousands of future democrat voters.

The same holds true regarding the tension between the Black Lives Matter movement and the police. Democrats have welcomed BLM people into the White House. Hillary has had strategic meetings with their leadership. Let’s not forget that since the Ferguson incident ten police officers have been assassinated compared to six black men dying from police actions that BLM questions. Most of these men would still be alive if they had not resisted arrest. BLM gets special attention from liberal democrat leaders and White House invitations and Al Sharpton has had the White House welcome mat laid out for him numerous times. Why do Dems cozy up with people who call for “Dead Cops”? The answer is votes.

Democrat candidates encourage racial unrest so they can claim to be the party that cares to solve the so called “injustices” oppressed on them by bigot police and other forces. The fact is that Democrats are not worried about national security; they are worried about job security. Some of the emails made public from the DNC computer system hacking revealed that there were racial and gay slurs and anti-Semite remarks from Dems themselves. Of course, the mainstream media call no attention to this, but if it had happened in the GOP, it would have been headline news and there would have been calls for resignation.

For Democrats, lives don’t matter, only votes matter, because that is the road to power. It was sickening hearing people place accolades on Mrs. Clinton for her speech at the convention. Everything she said must be put in the context that she is a perpetual liar. She lied about her name being after Sir Hillary of Everest fame. She lied about dodging sniper fire. She lied about her husband’s affairs. She lied to the nation and to grieving parents about Benghazi. She lied about how many devices she had to read emails. She lied about having confidential material on her email server. When somebody lies this much, why would you ever think they were telling you the truth, especially when they are a Democrat trying to win votes?

Hillary regards herself as a progressive, a term that can be used to describe a person with one foot in the circle of communism and the toes of the other foot on the circle’s edge. Today’s Democrat Party has more in common with Karl Marx than it does with Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin. We have seen in these last eight years that for Democrats it is about Power and not People. We would see the same in a Hillary Clinton presidency.

Steve Feazel, is an author, speaker and video producer. Three of his documentaries have won awards at film festivals and appeared on national television. He is the coauthor of the forthcoming book, Abduction: How Liberalism Steals Our Children’s Hearts and Minds.

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