Swain’s Former Students Are Coming to Her Defense

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Former students from around the world have been contacting me with words of encouragement and support. These students are of all races, nationalities, and religions. Below is one such letter with the former student’s name removed.

Dear Professor Swain,

 I am a recent graduate of Vanderbilt University in the Spring 2015 class. I took one of your political science classes in my sophomore year and am disturbed by some of the allegations against you I have read about online – unfortunately I am not surprised. Of all of the political science, history, philosophy and sociology classes I took, you were the only conservative voice I encountered. In history discussion groups, I found myself feeling like a neoconservative even though I am no farther right than an independent. I have also taken race and gender studies classes at Vanderbilt, where voicing a conservative position on gay marriage or abortion labeled you a bigot and ran the risk of receiving a poor grade.
Never one time did I feel in your class that you stunted free discussion by your political views. It was refreshing to see a professor challenge the mainstream liberal talking points in the Vanderbilt political classroom. You have my full support through these protests and I encourage you to continue to bring conservative viewpoints into class conversation in an organic manner.
Thank you very much and please let me know if I can do anything to help.


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