March Madness and President Obama’s Nuke Negotiations with Iran

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March Madness
Well, it’s springtime and March Madness and that means it’s time to put some college ball on the big screen, invite some friends over and throw some burgers on the grill. Now I’m a good host and have nothing against my guests cheering for the opposing team, but I do have my limits on who’s eating my burgers and watching the game in my den. For example, the guy who broke into my house a few months ago and stole the last 60” TV I owned. It seems like common sense that the guy who nicked my TV set would not be getting an invite to my March Madness party and so if it’s common sense to me why can’t it be common sense to the President of the United States.

Now I’m not saying that President Obama is running around stealing flat screens when he’s not out on the golf course but it seems he could use the selective common sense not to invite the TV thief to his March Madness party, figuratively speaking. The President seems intent on making his nuke deal with Iran a done deal even as the Iranian Mullahs proclaim “Death to America”. Iranian influence is being felt, not just in Iraq but all around the Middle East as they support groups like ISIS. Jordan is now falling apart at the seams, Libya appears lost to radicals, and Israel, our one true ally in the region is being given the cold shoulder by President Obama who seems to think he can work this wondrous nuke deal with these same mullahs. How any nuke deal with Iran that allows them to keep the centrifuges spinning and with an expiration date not much better than fresh strawberries is supposed to make the world safer; well your guess is as good as mine. I’m just thinking that this has about as much of a chance of turning out for the good as President Obama’s March Madness bracket has.

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