Did a Disgruntled Democrat Pull the Fire Alarm on Dr. Ben Carson? (See Update)

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It happened in Nashville, Tennessee. Dr. Ben Carson was nearing the end of his keynote address at the Music City Event Center when sirens startled the audience, followed by a booming recorded voice instructing attendees to find the nearest exit. After people started to leave, we were told it was a false alarm. Some people returned, but the disruptive sirens and warnings continued to disrupt the evening. Was it an accident? We will never know for certain. It might well have been a childish prank of a disgruntled Democrat seeking to deny Dr. Carson his freedom of speech and the rest of us an opportunity to hear someone who might be a 2016 presidential candidate. Some of us suspect the latter. In any event, the disruption placed an unfortunate damper on New Hope Academy’s major fundraiser of the year.

New Hope Academy is a Christian academy that offers a classical education to students from all backgrounds. One of the features that make it special is its commitment to providing scholarship assistance to low-income families. The school is racially diverse and about half of its students come from poor families. Here’s a link to the academy’s website. Please consider making a tax deductible gift to an institution that is truly making a difference in the world.

There is an update to this story. I have been told that the alarms were triggered by a water main break and that many people returned to the event and heard the end of the speech. I was not among them.

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