Why Are Some Black Liberals Disparaging Dr. Ben Carson?

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Ben-Carson-croipAs sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, the vicious race-based attacks on Dr. Ben Carson have begun, now that he is officially a 2016 presidential candidate. The hate is emanating from what should be friendly territory: elites in the black community. For some reason, these holier-than-thou mouthpieces believe all blacks should share their “progressive” vision of America and its shortcomings. God help anyone who has the audacity to stray from today’s dominant racial victimization narrative.

Dr. Carson’s unforgiveable sin is being a Christian conservative aligned with Republicans. Christian, conservative and Republican: that’s three strikes and you’re out in the minds of liberal elites. Pulitzer-prize winning journalist Cynthia Tucker has some harsh words for the world-famous neurosurgeon who has dared to step off the plantation. She has described Carson as a “black mascot,” “court jester,” and “minstrel show” who risks becoming another Herman Cain, which to these folks is a bad thing. Tucker has also knocked Carson’s faith. stating, “… he’s also a religious conservative who disputes evolution.” Yikes!!! He’s a fundamentalist who believes in creation. The nerve of that man!

Disgusting and demeaning comments have been directed at Carson. By many accounts, he is a brilliant man who thinks for himself. He has rejected the modern-day slave masters and overseers who run the Democratic Party. Carson is a free man, which can only infuriate race-baiting liberals to no end. Unfortunately, these liberal elites have deceived multiple generations of black Americans into believing they have no chance in life without lowered academic standards and governmental handouts. Crime, incarcerations and unfortunate encounters with law enforcement are always seen as the white man’s fault.

Successful black conservatives pose a huge threat to those who would rather make permanent victims of blacks. Raised in dire poverty but taught that with hard work he could succeed, Carson became a renowned neurosurgeon and philanthropist who provides scholarships to underprivileged youths. In light of such selfless acts by Carson, disgruntled liberal elites come across as the nastiest kind of hypocrites – more peeved at Carson’s philanthropy than they are pleased on behalf of those underprivileged youths he benefits.

In the twisted minds of liberal elites, any success on the part of black conservatives undermines the racist lies of the political left and contradicts the liberal orthodoxy that has crushed blacks for generations. Liberals hate the success stories of black conservatives. I know because I am one.

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