President Obama: The Ruler Who Would Be Despot

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Obama Immigration SpeechHere’s the link to the immigration speech that the President gave on Thursday, November 20th. From what I can see, President Barack Obama has no shame or moral conviction. Last week “We the People” were subjected to the spectacle of a president who has shown a total disregard for religious liberty. He has also failed to protect Christians and Jews in the Middle East. Yet he quotes Old Testament Scripture in a token gesture of “faith” in what I can only hope is a failed effort to manipulate and shame Christians into supporting his temporary legalization of about five million illegal immigrants. That constitutes almost half of our nation’s illegal immigrant population.

“We the People” were subjected to half-truths and distortions of facts as the president expressed what I believe to be a false desire to work with Republicans to permanently fix the immigration crisis. We can be sure that his executive order amnesty, if allowed to stand, will make things worse. Contrary to the president’s dubious claims about wanting to engage in reasoned debate, much like a despot he has ignored the wishes of the American people and continued his slash-and-trash approach to the Constitution. Contradicting his own words regarding respect for the Constitution, spoken many times in various forums, the president has overstepped his bounds. He has become a law unto himself as he legislates from the executive branch overruling the decisions of Congress.

President Obama’s actions are unprecedented, spiteful, and dangerous for our republic (see Law Professor Jonathan Turley’s Congressional Testimony). Unless stopped in his tracks by an awakened Supreme Court or a re-energized Congress willing to fight for a healthy system of separation of powers and checks and balances, this president will continue his usurpation of authority.

There is hope for change. Congress has the power of the purse and the ability to make its case directly to the American people. It also has the standing to sue in federal court and perhaps take the case directly to the Supreme Court. Unless we fight back, President Obama will transform America into one of the despotic and discredited banana republics from which many illegal immigrants fled. This can’t continue: “We the People” must “Be the People” who fight for the soul of our nation.

Please let Congress, the president, and the Supreme Court know you expect them to defend separation of powers, checks and balances, and Congressional oversight of the executive branch agencies. Contact numbers and addresses follow:

Congress and the White House:

Supreme Court:


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