Blackish versus Whitish: More Detail About Brad Paisley Encounter With The PC Police

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You’re all familiar with the old saying “no good deed ever goes unpunished.” Well apparently in this day of political correctness, no good JOKE ever goes unpunished. If you watched the recent CMA Awards you saw co-host Brad Paisley get all witty with a joke about ABC’s new comedy, “Black-ish” which airs on Wednesday nights. ABC, of course, was the host network for the CMA Awards, which pre-empted “Black-ish” and so Paisley’s tongue in cheek reference to the show was no doubt intended as a plug for next week’s episode to the CMA viewers. That would be the good deed part.

Then there is the bad deed part. As celebrity hosts of award shows often do, Paisley cracked a goofy one liner about the new show: “…If any of you tuned into ABC tonight expecting to see the new show, “Black-ish”, yeah this ain’t it. In the meantime, I hope you’re all enjoying, “White-ish.” Well, of course, Brad’s witty little play on words were immediately labeled as racist. And poor old Brad Paisley now finds himself in a pool of PC Hot Water up to his ears.

Face it folks, the CMA audience and the vast majority of the country music audience isn’t just White-ish, it is a blizzard like a white-out. So, it is not like Brad Paisley was saying anything that anyone with common sense wouldn’t already know. How have we let ourselves get so race crazy in this country that a play on words, promoting a show on the same network, becomes a national race controversy? You wonder if Chris Rock had said the equivalent regarding white people would there be any controversy at all? And Brad, please don’t apologize for a funny joke that was funny. Many people support you, and we all just need to, if you pardon the pun, lighten up on screaming “racism” every time some poor white country singer opens his mouth and points out the obvious!

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