Flashback: Don’t like Pork, Then Don’t Eat It! Just Don’t Pull My Pork (About Political Correctness and Islam)

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How far should we carry political correctness and religious accommodation? The owners of a Vermont diner felt compelled to remove their yield for bacon sign to appease disgruntled Muslims after a woman complained about the sign. Now, the owners of Sneakers Bistro and Café are paying the price for their political correctness-motivated decision.

Bad reviews and empty tables are part of the price that the café is paying for removing the yield for bacon sign from the median in front of its restaurant. Customers were not amused by what they saw as a bow to Islam. Muslims in parts of the United States have been successful at getting other businesses to remove pork from the menu. Among the most prominent businesses that have given in to this demand are Subway restaurants in parts of the world.

Now, I live in the South, where you would have to pry our bacon and ham sandwiches from our cold, dead hands. Not only will we eat bacon and ham, we will open our windows and doors so the aroma can tantalize the neighborhood. We eat pulled pork barbecue down here.

Don’t like pork? Then don’t eat it. Just don’t pull my pork.


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