President Trump should be doing better with African-Americans

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Why the strong disfavor of President Trump from African-Americans? Given the economy, African-Americans should support President Trump.

The Trumps live nearby the Clintons in New York City. President Trump played golf with President Bill Clinton. The Clintons went to Trump weddings. They are clearly good friends. The Clintons may very well have a longer friendship with The Trumps than The Obamas. The African-American community generally likes The Clintons. So why the strong disfavor of Trump from African-Americans?

African-Americans are doing better in a Trump-led economy than in Obama’s. Then, there has been an uptick in the stock market, millions of jobs have been created in Trump’s first term, and there is a tax cut bill that is passing through Congress to benefit all Americans.

Many African-Americans who were in elected office claimed that President Obama couldn’t do his best because people didn’t accept him as an African-American male. This is inaccurate. President Obama never had impeachment bills filed against him. In this session, we have several African-American sponsors of impeachment bills against President Trump. These are some of the same people that say they want to bring justice to people of color who were wrongly convicted by a flawed criminal justice system but now they are trying to wrongly convict President Trump. These are some of the same people that contribute to the narrative of fact-checkers that say Trump is a liar. President Trump is only talking about things in his context of truth and cannot be considered to be telling untruths because of this.

Our country is doing fantastic under Trump in terms of domestic affairs. There doesn’t need to be a use of a cultural bias to cover for our country’s performance during Trump’s presidency. There wasn’t a deciding factor in a president’s persona that deemed them to have lack of success in their presidency. Our presidents have had the same opportunities and abilities to accomplish their goals. We must accept the fact that our 45th President is doing well.

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