Re-blog of David Roach’s “He, she, huh?: Pronoun campaign ‘cultural Marxism'”

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Author: David Roach, Baptist Press, September 13, 2016. Image from iStock; Graphic by Laura Erlanson.

NASHVILLE (BP) — Vanderbilt University’s campaign to support transgender individuals by encouraging use of proper “pronoun etiquette” has been characterized by a law professor at the Nashville university as the latest manifestation of an intolerant, secularist agenda prevalent in higher education. “Political correctness, multiculturalism and the redefinition of the pronouns are a form of cultural Marxism,” Carol Swain, professor of political science and law at Vanderbilt, told Baptist Press in written comments. “It’s part of an aggressive agenda to destroy Western traditions, values and norms. Across America and on the Vanderbilt campus, a small minority wields enormous power when it comes to implementing their agendas for societal change.” Swain added, “The only acceptable religions” at universities like Vanderbilt “are ones that pose no threat to the godless secularism the university advances as enlightened truth.”

As students returned this fall, the private university’s Faculty Senate Gender Inclusivity Task Force placed posters on campus with the heading “What should I call you?” They urged faculty and students to share with one another in personal introductions and email signatures whether their preferred pronouns are he/him/his, she/her/hers or a gender-neutral option like ze/zir/zirs, according to an image of the posters posted online by the conservative publication The Daily Caller.


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