Carol Swain Discusses Political Integrity with David Barton (Today, April 2, at 5:30 CT)

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RomansCatch me this afternoon on David Barton’s “Foundations of Freedom” series on the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), Sat., April 2, 2016 (5:30PM – CT).

Topic: Political Integrity. Check local stations for air-times.

Below is more information about the Foundations of Freedom Series:

America stands at the crossroads of human history. Once revered and respected throughout the world, the country’s influence and freedoms are in jeopardy, but what if America’s story is more bold, colorful, and compelling than you ever imagined? If ever there were a time to rediscover the vision, passion, and wisdom of those who laid the foundations of our nation, it is now!.. From the formation of American law and the judicial system to biblically-based economics, science, government, and more, discover how our Founding Fathers used the Bible as a blueprint for America’s freedoms and build your faith in our nation’s future with Foundations of Freedom.”

In Nashville and surrounding areas, the show can be seen on the following channels:



National Providers

DIRECTVchannel 372DISHchannel 260GLORYSTARchannel 2SKY ANGELchannel 127

WPGDchannel 50

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Carol M. Swain, Professor of Political Science and Professor of Law, Vanderbilt University.

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