Super Tuesday’s Voting Irregularities: What Does it Portend for the Future?

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How are we going to protect the integrity of the ballot during the November elections? Unless we take complaints seriously and devise a fool proof system of checks and balances, we run the risk of stolen and diluted votes. Votes can be stolen by recalibrated machines or diluted when non-citizens cast illegal votes. Reports have poured in since Super Tuesday.

Voters in Alabama, Colorado, Georgia and Texas flooded voter hotlines to complain about dysfunctional polling booths and ballots in Republican primaries. Callers to an Austin radio station complained of machines switching their vote for Trump to Rubio. By lunchtime on Super Tuesday, Election Protection, a nonpartisan coalition of groups that run election-day hotlines, said their hotline has received more than 1,000 calls. The majority of calls came from Alabama, Georgia and Texas.


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