C.S. Lewis, Prince Caspian, and Donald Trump as Nikabrik’s Candidate

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Donald TrumpI’m a C.S. Lewis fan and an observer of the passing parade who hasn’t yet endorsed a 2016 presidential candidate. A few days ago, I questioned the wisdom of the National Review‘s collective effort to dethrone Donald Trump. I now find myself fascinated by Gino Dalfonzo’s creative use of C.S. Lewis’s Prince Caspian (book four of The Chronicles of Narnia).

Dalfonzo, editor of BreakPoint.org and Dickensblog, has published an article titled Nikabrik’s Candidate in First Things that’s well worth reading and pondering. Dalfonzo seeks to explain the forces that have led Christians to support Donald Trump.

If you ever doubt that C. S. Lewis was gifted with a prophetic voice, you need look no further for correction than Prince Caspian.

In the story, you may remember, Narnia is in a desperate situation. The Telmarines have taken over, and the citizens of Narnia have been persecuted, silenced, and driven into hiding. When Prince Caspian—a Telmarine himself, but one who sympathizes with the Narnian cause—joins forces with them, this leads to a fresh round of attacks from the other Telmarines and their king, Miraz. The Narnians try to summon help by using Queen Susan’s horn—and they are successful, though not all of them realize it right away.

Drawn to Narnia by the call of the horn, Peter and Edmund and their guide, the dwarf Trumpkin, come upon a handful of Narnians meeting with Prince Caspian. Nikabrik, another dwarf, is angry that apparently no help has come from Aslan or the old kings and queens of Narnia. While others argue that “help will come” if they can wait patiently, Nikabrik contends that there is no time to wait: They are running out of food and reinforcements.

If Aslan won’t help, Nikabrik adds, perhaps another power will:

“The stories tell of other powers besides the ancient Kings and Queens. How if we could call them up?” . . .
“Who do you mean?” said Caspian at last.

“I mean a power so much greater than Aslan’s that it held Narnia spellbound for years and years, if the stories are true.”
“The White Witch!” cried three voices all at once. . .”

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