Flashback: President Donald Trump: Stranger Things Have Happened (7/10/15)

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Donald Trump

Folks, I wrote this article July 2015. Some people mocked me for writing this blog.
Could Trump become our next president? Yes, he could! Stranger things have happened than the potential election of President Donald Trump. What about the election of an inexperienced Barack Obama or Ronald Reagan, a former Hollywood actor and governor?

There is something about Trump that is resonating with American voters. Could it be his willingness to articulate ideas and concerns that many Americans share? Whatever the reason, Trump is drawing the fire of elites in both political parties, and their corporate sponsors who now place politics and issue positions above stockholders’ financial interests.

This promises to be an interesting political season. Let’s sit back and watch as Trump’s critics boost his standing among the electorate. The media focuses on his appeal to Republican voters where he is the leading candidate. I hate to break the bad news. Trump’s support is coming from Democrats and Republicans who are feed up with cowardly statesmen.

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