Islam and Free Speech

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Political correctness on college campuses has reached such a staggering level that we can no longer have serious conversations on the most important issues of our day. In America, the vast majority of our college students are subjected to and indoctrinated into one-sided, liberal thought patterns that place PC as the highest of values. Discussions of Islam and its tenets should not be off-limits on university campuses. No other religion in the world is as violent as Islam has been in recent years.

Islam’s tenets are dangerous because when it is practiced according to the Koran and the Sunna of Mohamed, it advocates killing Jews, pagans, and Christians, as well as enslaving other human beings. It is a religion that runs counter to western values since there is no golden rule or appreciation for human rights, free speech, and religious freedom. It is a religion that refuses to compete with other religions.

The facts about Islam are not an indictment of the millions of Muslims who choose to live in peace. American Muslims, however, should be willing to discuss how the tenets of their religion fit with American ideas as they relate to human rights, free speech, and separation of church and state.

In public schools across the nation, including parts of Tennessee, prayer accommodations are made for Muslims students. This is unacceptable given Supreme Court rulings. Bans on prayer in public schools should not be waived for any given religion. If prayer in school is banned for Christians, then it must also be banned for every other religion. These are issues that we the people ought to be able to discuss in public forums if our democratic republic is to remain true to its founding ideals.
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More sources are available on request.

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