Does Obama Love America? Actions Speak Louder Than Words

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Despite all the pressing problems in the world, the Sunday news shows were dominated by the Giuliani comment about whether President Obama loves America. Of course, Obama doesn’t love America! This is evidenced by his fulfilled campaign promise to fundamentally change her character. Candidate Obama spoke loud and clear when he refused to wear an American flag pin or follow patriotic protocol during the singing of the Star Spangled Banner, as captured in the above campaign photograph (2007). Any lingering doubts about whether President Obama has developed more love for America than candidate Obama have been answered by his apology tours and his April 1, 2009 waist bow to Saudi King Abdullah. While The New York Times has identified several times where the President has verbally stated his love for America, his actions speaker louder than words. We the People know what it means to love a nation. Hopefully, America can survive two more years of President Obama’s clumsy attempt at love.
We have wasted our time with this love talk. The Sunday news shows should have focused on the more pressing issues affecting the world. These include Department of Homeland Security funding, Al Shabaab’s call for a terrorist attack on the Mall of America, ISIS, and the political correctness nonsense taking place on college and university campuses. I vote for shifting the conversation back towards these more pressing issues.

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