A Message to Ferguson, MO.

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We have finally received the grand jury report in Ferguson, MO.

There will be no indictment of the white police officer who shot and killed Michael Brown on that tragic day in August. After what seemed like eons the grand jury concluded that no probable cause exists to file any charges against officer Darren Wilson. Although we couldn’t predict the decision of the grand jury, it seems we could predict the response of the crowds in Ferguson. The crowds reacted with customary violence; overturning and setting police cars on fire, breaking store windows, looting and setting businesses on fire. The people destroyed stores that they will ask other Americans to rebuild.

The frustrating thing here is the ineffectiveness of traditional black leaders. Instead of trying to calm the crowds as responsible community leaders would do. Many are stoking the flames, almost literally declaring that an injustice has taken place. According to their account, a black man can’t get justice in America. Unfortunately, the crowd’s unruly behavior and the lack of leadership could be seen coming a mile off.

Well I say shame on anyone who calls him or herself a leader of their community and then does nothing to stop a frenzied mob from looting and burning down businesses. Also shame to those who use the death of Michael Brown and the grand jury decision as an excuse to destroy other people’s personal property. You are a despicable if you view tragedies as opportunities to steal a flat screen TV and a bottle of liquor. You are a thief! You have no right to be talking about how a black man can get no justice. You are a big part of the problem! You don’t respect yourself and your community. If you want respect, then start acting respectful. Get a job, take care of your children, and become a responsible citizen and then you might get some sympathy and help from the rest of America. Until then, you are a terrible role model for our children.

It’s clear to me that Black communities have some needs that can only be met within. It’s time for real leadership to stand up and be heard. We must change ourselves, our strategies, and our role models. Let this be the moment when hope overcomes despair, generational poverty, and governmental dependence. Let this be the day when we return to the finest traditions of our ancestorsa day when Judeo-Christian values and principles are re-embraced—a day to chart a new course for black America.

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