Playing You for the Fool: President Obama’s Illegal Immigration Follies

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How many illegal immigrants are there in America? There’s every reason to believe there are millions more than what we had been told. Finally, our government has tipped its hand on this issue.

For years the government has reported that the number of illegal immigrants in this country is between 11 million and 12 million. Many of us, justifiably, have eyed those reports with great suspicion. Well, it turns out we have every reason to disbelieve the government’s estimates. In bold disregard of our intelligence, the Obama Administration’s Department of Homeland Security has issued a request for up to 34 million blank green cards and work permits to be produced over the next four years. This follows the president’s promise to immigrant lobbyist groups that he would bypass Congress and issue an executive order granting amnesty to millions of people already living and working illegally in this country.

If you are like me, this makes your blood boil, knowing that our president and his administration have no regard for the nation’s well-being and security. Presently, the number of Americans who have jobs is at a record low. Furthermore, American children are dying from a deadly enterovirus, believed to be connected with the many thousands of immigrant children being placed in schools across the nation. Rather than enforcing the law and putting the needs of American voters first, Obama and his administration have put the interests of millions of illegal immigrants – people not legally able to vote, work, or live in this country – above the interests of those he was elected to represent.

The administration hopes that in granting blanket amnesty to these millions of illegals, about whom we know little or nothing, millions will eventually be added to the voter rolls of the Democratic Party. As outrageous as this seems, let’s not lose focus on another very important issue in all this. In granting unfettered immunity to these millions of illegals, we are doing no investigation whatsoever on who these people are. How many are gang members, drug dealers or murderers? We have no idea. Yet, if you were to take a vacation drive to Canada, you will encounter nice folks working at the border who will stop you to ask all sorts of prying questions about you, your destination, and anything you might be bringing into or out of the country. It looks like our government pays more attention to the vacation goings-on of Mom, Dad, Junior and the dog Spot than it does to the tens of millions of illegals who seemingly come and go as they please. That’s where we’re at folks. Welcome to Obama’s America.

America is in crisis. We the People must elect politicians who will put the needs of Americans first. We the People must begin to educate ourselves about our rights as American citizens. We must not allow political correctness and the intimidation of the political left to silence us. We must stand up and take our places as the men and women who will change a nation for the next generation.

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