Professor Swain Answers Questions About White Nationalism Submitted By Social Media Followers (Part 2)

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  • Pat Parkhurst

    Professor Swain,

    Thank you for the books and videos. I have yet to read the books, but they have moved up on my “must read” list. I have never cared for identity politics and simply ignored it as I went about my day to day life. Until November of last year (2016) I have been gainfully employed my entire life (Since 1982). I am back to work now, by the way. I never had a sick day and never missed a day of work for anything other than vacation time, and holidays. Heck, I even scheduled wisdom tooth extraction for a Friday afternoon, so I could recover on my time and be ready for work on Monday. I worked hard, sacrificed a lot and was successful because of it. Yet, a few years ago, a “friend” and I were in a heated discussion, and her closing statement was that I was a poster child for White Male Privilege. At the time, I knew nothing about what it actually meant. As I dug into it more and more, I became angrier and angrier. In order to make her point, my supposed friend, used what is essentially a racist and sexist ad hominem to attempt to invalidate my point of view; invalidate my whole life! I have talked to her only in passing since, so I can understand how some may be moved to white nationalism. I will not go down that path, but I sure do wish I could be judged by the content of my character, and not the color of my skin.
    Pat Parkhurst

  • TookieClothespin

    Thank you for so clearly defining some of the buzzwords and terms that have been going around lately. I’ve been really confused about the term “white nationalist” lately because of how it’s been mixed with “nazi,” “neo-nazi,” “white supremacist” and others for the purpose of demonization. But even with a clearer definition, I’m with you on identity politics. It only divides us and pits one group against the other. They’re all basically mean-girl cliques.

  • Churchill4President

    Dr. Michael Savage — who is Jewish — is the poster boy for what affirmative action has done to white people. He was a liberal who was denied a teaching position because of racial quotas. Disgusted by this discrimination, he became a conservative after this and is probably one of the leading talk show hosts in America. His “borders, language and culture” ethos inspired Donald Trump to run for president.

    As a Christian, I feel there is nothing wrong with white nationalism or whites advocating for their self-interest. Every race has the right to survive. Whites rightly feel that in recent years the entire system has been rigged against us.

    Christianity would not exist today if it were not for white Europeans who defended the west from a thousand years of Muslim aggression.

    The cultural Marxists of the left (the elites academia, the globalists and the media) has been trying to conflate white nationalism with white supremacy and the KKK. This is guilt by false association and a ruse.

    Jared Taylor’s book “White Identity” is excellent reading for anyone that is concerned about the plight of the white race.

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